What is a doctor’s note?

An example of a doctor’s note

A doctor’s note is a document that is given to a patient by a medical provider.  The form is commonly presented to an employer or teacher to excuse an individual from work or school.  It is usually printed on a quarter sheet or half sheet of regular paper.

A doctor’s note contains:

  1. Name of hospital/clinic
  2. Date seen
  3. Date released
  4. Restrictions
  5. Doctor’s name and signature

How can I get a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note can be acquired by visiting a doctor and having a regular examination.  If you have missed work or school and he/she deems you in need of a note, they will write you one.

Who commonly gets doctor’s notes?

Doctor’s notes are commonly given to people who are returning to work or school.  Some people, such as pilots, also sometimes get doctor’s notes (also known as medical certificates) to

A few more examples of doctor’s notes

exhibit that they have been tested before flying.

Is it illegal to fake a doctor’s note?

It’s likely not illegal to fake a doctor’s note, however, I urge you to talk to your attorney.  It is certainly illegal to use a real doctor or medical facility’s name, however.  So if you’re doing it, please only do it to trick your friends or family and never use real names.

Where can I get a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note can simply be acquired by visiting a doctor’s office.  You can also get one online via an online consultation with a medical professional.  You can also download fake doctor’s notes at a variety of websites online.

What about using a free excuse found online?

You’ll find that there are many websites online that offer free doctor’s notes.  Many of these sites are template sites and they have hired people to create notes as templates for download. These websites are primarily attempting to get clicks to their ads, and their notes never look realistic.  We do not recommend using these notes.

What kind of printer works best if I get one online?

If you decide to get a fake doctor’s note online, it is best that you an inkjet or laser printer to print the note.  Please use a fictional healthcare facility and logo.  Fill out the date and time seen, along with other critical information such as the doctor’s name and signature.

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